A 5 piece covers band from the north east!

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About the band

The Bare Bones Formed in 2020, The Bare Bones are a 5 piece covers band with music ranging from all genres - ideal for pubs, clubs, weddings and festivals

Meet our guitarist - Mark

Mark has played guitar ever since he picked one up and thought "this will look cool". Self-taught and self-disciplined, Mark has grown into an exceptional talent.

His smooth playing along with his Chandler Bing camera face make him a popular member of the band, and he seems to have got a name for himself for his stage positioning as "front & centre".

Meet our bassist - Gavin

Gavin first picked up the bass aged 12 and hasnt been able to put it down since ! Allegedly he picked the bass as its rugged appeal and deep resonating tone spoke to him - and that he thought it would be easier than learning to play the guitar !

Not adverse to leading audiences up the garden path by sending out bass riffs to songs that the band doesn't even play, he is in element singing backing vocals over his special silent mic !

Meet our Singer – ShaWn

ShaWn started singing as a child and hasn't shut up since.  He has spent years developing a versatile voice so there isn't much he can't sing, gaining him the title of "the man of 1000 voices but only 1 haircut"

He looks forward to writing and producing our own original music soon – and fixing that pesky W on his keyboard !!

Meet our Keyboardist – Shaun

The Master of Mischief, Shaun is a talented musician who can turn his hand to a number of instruments, but we limit him to the keyboards.  Hes played in a number of bands and one night we kidnapped him and force him to play for us for payment in pie and mash.

Not being a northerner has its difficulties as we struggle to understand him but we just nod and move on !  Hes also a great backing vocalist and youll hear his cockney tones throughout our music

Meet our drummer - Dr Ron

Ron has been playing drums for longer than he cares to remember and in his early rock days his hair was bigger than his kit. He used to bash metal all day with a hammer and bash the drums on a night with his sticks.

Whilst the hair has long gone now, his gusto to hit those skins remains in his DNA and the lads in the band have renamed his sticks 'Thor's hammers'.


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